Your character can be recognized by the way you fold your hand into a fist

We invite you to spend just a minute and take a very simple test that will help you know yourself better. Our body can tell much more about us than psychologists and even the closest people!

Here, right now, without hesitation, clench your hand into a fist. Squeeze and hold! Take a close look at your fist!

Now, determine which of the four personality types you belong to.

1) The thumb points up.

If you clench your fist like this, then you are a soft person.  Your thumb just lies next to all the others, you do not squeeze it.  You are sensitive, compassionate, and considerate.  in actions and words, you take into account the emotions of other people, which makes you a friendly person with whom it is very easy to communicate.  You are organized, an introvert, but not a loner.

Your impatience about some things can become a hindrance, but it is quite manageable. You are observant and scrupulous, capable of building a castle from a grain of sand and collecting a fortune from a penny.  Your motto: “The quieter you go, the further you’ll get!”  You are not boastful and love monotony, silence, calmness.

2) The thumb lies across the rest.

You are a goal-oriented and ambitious person.  Your desire to achieve your goal encourages you to move forward, while you hide your dreams and trust no one.  People tend to blame you for doing wrong, but that’s their problem, not yours, right?  You are a realist and firmly on your feet, practical and sometimes prudent, have creative abilities, you know well what you want to get from life.

If you enlist the support of friends, you can move mountains.  Faithful, reliable, serious.  Carried away by the achievement of goals, do not forget to go down to earth.  Breaking away from reality, you are able to evaluate it from the outside for a short time, and for an objective assessment, your hand should always be on the pulse.

3) The thumb is hidden.

If you hide your thumb inside your fist, this clearly indicates that you are an introvert.  You hide your innermost thoughts from everyone.  You are a loner by choice and have a very limited circle of friends.  You are attracted to others by honesty and straightforwardness.  You are a person who loves space.  You are ready to spend time with people but only up to a certain point.

You hate wasting time and love meaningful, deep conversations.  When people invade your personal space, you get annoyed.  Although you are honest and outspoken, you try not to harm others.  You are often wrong about people. Better to take a step back to judge them, or not judge at all!  You are a rare bird, but it seems to you that you are underestimated.

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