Your legs tell how you are in intimate relationships

The legs are one of the most important elements of the human body. Thanks to them, we can move, which makes them very useful elements for our personal development. If you want to have strong legs and some dexterity, your best bet is to go to the gym or join a yoga or Tai Chi school. In addition to relaxing enough, you will see with great joy that the health and appearance of your legs have completely changed.

However, there are some pretty loose activities that you can do to strengthen your legs a bit. But it’s not something you can do alone! You need the cooperation of the other person, be it a couple or a friend. If you’ve been thinking about intimate relationships, you’re right. Thanks to them, we get enough exercise and burn a lot of calories, but we also shape our legs.

1. Style A

This style belongs to women who only have a line between both legs. They usually have thick thighs. Many people think that if there is hardly any gap, it is better. This, however, is not the case, men love it when there is some kind of opening in order to achieve the maximum state of pleasure. Girls of this type are said to be somewhat timid, as they expect the boy to rule in this relationship.

2. Style B

This style of legs is just the opposite of style A. The distance between the legs is really large, so the man has quite a few women of this type. And what do these women’s feet say? Well, feel free to experiment in bed with your partners and make games of all kinds. Also, men love “B” girls as the quality that defines them is elasticity.

3. Style C

We can say that this type of legs is a mixture of the two previous ones: above there is hardly a separation between the thighs. Well, those legs show something absolutely incredible about the girls who own them. She is rather shy and also romantic. However, if the boy does manage to get her into bed, she may wake up the animal she has inside her.

4. Style D

Girls of this type are the most common. There is a small detachment both above and below. And what does it mean? Because they don’t invest in bed, they are fairly traditional and neutral. When men try to have a relationship with them, they will find that they prefer to do it only with light and in one position. So we don’t think they like it very much.

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