“Bags under the eyes and an asymmetrical face!”: What 60-year-old Sandra looks like now

What did she do to herself?

Do you remember Sandra the singer? Today, I came upon a picture of her on Instagram. The 60-year-old performer has apparently made the decision to get cosmetic surgery in an effort to seem younger and more attractive than her famous peers.

People’s reactions to her transformation have been mixed, with some asking “What did she do to herself?”, “I wouldn’t have recognized her.” and “I don’t want to imply anything, but does she drink?”.

Others have said, “She looks like she had a rough night,” and, “She looks well-preserved, but the plastic surgery was unnecessary.”

Others have said, “She doesn’t look very fresh,” “Life has been hard on her,” and “Unfortunately, her time has passed.” She looks young for her age, “She used to be a huge celebrity previously,” “Wonderful,” “I don’t think she has changed much,” and “I wouldn’t imagine that she’s in her 60s.”

Some remarks on Sandra’s post were made. What do you believe? Do you think Sandra has evolved through time?

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