Brain Teaser: Guess the mistakes in this image in 12 seconds

You were given a photo of cowboys that contains several optical illusions, and you have 12 seconds to identify the errors. We see a lot of photographs like these on social media, and because you have to focus on the subject in these pictures, they are really helpful in improving our concentration.

You have 12 seconds to uncover the errors in this Cowboys photo as part of the Optical Illusion Image Challenge. These puzzles are a little challenging since everything looks the same in the picture, but the solution is actually tucked somewhere in the midst of it. Check the image carefully before attempting to solve this problem since you don’t have much time. Start the timer on your watch or phone for 10 seconds, but remember that you are under no obligation to accept assistance because it will not be to your advantage.

The timer has it set to 12 seconds, right? 

Your time on this challenge begins immediately as we get started.

Time is running out, so hurry.

Did you see a mistake in the Cowboy’s image?

Your time is up, so stop. 

Thank you to everyone who pointed out the error in this Optical Illusion picture. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t find them yet; the solution is shown in the image below.

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