Carol Burnett Reflects on Unpleasant Experience with Elvis Presley on The Ed Sullivan Show: ‘He Was Very Kind’

Don’t miss Carol Burnett’s  surprising confession about her interaction with Elvis Presley! 😲

Carol Burnett, who is 90 years old, talked on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert about being on The Ed Sullivan Show with Elvis Presley. She said she appeared on the show when Elvis was in the army, and they made a big deal about it.

She mentioned how she went on stage before Elvis, and people weren’t interested in her. They were all asking, “Where’s Elvis?” She admitted that she didn’t do well; her performance was terrible.

Colbert asked if she got to meet Elvis, and she said yes. She even got his autograph for her sister. Then Colbert brought up a song she wrote about John Foster Dulles, a former secretary of state.

Burnett explained that Dulles was very dull, always serious, and never smiled. She mentioned how a friend wrote a song about a girl going crazy over Dulles, which she performed on The Jack Paar Show. She also performed it again because Dulles’ press advisor asked her to, as Dulles missed the first performance.

Later, Dulles was asked about the song on Meet The Press, and he replied with a joke, saying he doesn’t talk about love matters publicly.

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