Find out with the help of the test, what role does the smartphone play in your life?

Today, smartphones are in the majority of the population of our planet! And now it’s hard to imagine our life without this compact and useful gadget!

What will you do if you lose your smartphone? Will you panic or, conversely, feel relieved? You can get answers to these questions with the help of our test!

Quiz: Can You Live Without Your Smartphone?

You need to look at the pictures and determine how you hold your smartphone. Then find the section of the test that matches your picture and find out what a smartphone means in your life:

Picture one

You use your smartphone regularly, but it cannot be said that it plays an important role in your life. You use your smartphone primarily for calls, not for browsing the internet or using apps. So if you deprive your smartphone, you will not feel much discomfort.

Picture two

You value your gadget very much, but this is due more to its cost, and not because you really need it in life. Having bought an expensive smartphone, you strive to show the people around you your high status. But the most interesting thing is that you do not use even thirty percent of the capabilities of your smartphone.

Picture three

You cannot imagine your life without a smartphone. They are able to sit on their gadget for days. Your smartphone has a lot of applications, games, and all sorts of messengers. If you deprive yourself of your smartphone, even for a few hours, you will begin to experience a sense of panic. Maybe with the help of your gadget, you are just trying to escape from your own loneliness?

Picture four

A smartphone for you is a convenient assistant in work and personal life. You use your gadget wisely and do not turn its use into the meaning of your life. If you lose your smartphone for a while, you won’t be happy about this fact, but you won’t worry too much about it either.

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