“Gained As Much As 45 Pounds”: What Does Rihanna Look Like In a Black Sheer Dress?

What do you think she was more attractive before gaining weight?

The Hollywood celebrity has put on up to 45 pounds. She recently appeared in front of her followers to their joy. Rihanna choose a floor-length, tailored black dress with translucent accents.

The singer’s form was accentuated and her appearance was made even more alluring by a black dress with a deep cut on the leg.

Rihanna hides her chest in every picture, most likely because she “forgot” to wear a bra.

The singer has put on weight and is extremely happy about it. Netizens’ opinions are split. Some people are thrilled with the “new” Rihanna, while others enjoyed the singer’s slim form.

What is there to say? How about the singer’s physique?

Do you believe that before gaining weight, she was more attractive?

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