“He’s Younger Than 40-Years-Old!” 76-Year-Old Cher Showed Who She Was Going To Marry

Recently, Cher, 76, was photographed with her chosen one by the paparazzi. The Hollywood great is actually dating a man who is 40 years younger than the actress, as it turned out.

Recently, Cher flaunted a diamond ring and told admirers that her beau had proposed to her.

The singer didn’t take long to reply to the critical remarks. “I wasn’t born yesterday, and I know everything for sure,” Cher informed the crowd. You take a chance every time you make a decision. Love is not a mathematician.”

Alexander Edwards, the producer, has a very bad reputation. The groom’s ex-wife Cher accused him of being unfaithful. Alexander, according to the lady, had 12 different lovers during the course of their long relationship.

What do you think of the newlyweds? Do you support unequal partnerships?

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