How Has the Star of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Changed Over the Years

Only one detail in the celebrity’s appearance remained unchanged.

The film trilogy “The Lord of the Rings” broke all records in terms of viewership. The actors who appeared in it became famous after the movie was released. The same happened with this Hollywood actress.

The red-haired beauty Miranda Otto, in the role of the brave rider Éowyn, touched the hearts of the audience. Her character expertly rides a horse and skillfully wields a sword but suffers from unrequited love.

However, the recognition of the film’s fans did not ensure a bright career for the star in the future. The performer disappeared from the radar and wholeheartedly embraced family life.

Her return to the world of cinema in 2023 caused a sensation. The 55-year-old screen diva looked completely different – the years had taken their toll. Fans noticed deep wrinkles on her face. Only one thing remained unchanged – her gorgeous red hair, flowing like silk.

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