Interesting portraits of famous celebrities with themselves in their youth

This artist’s works are just amazing and very interesting!

Ard Gelinck is a talented photographer. He creates rather interesting portraits of world-famous celebrities with their younger versions. These portraits depict many of today’s admirable actors/actresses, models and talented musicians, accompanied by themselves from the past. This is simply incredible. The works of this photographer left no one indifferent. They are appreciated mostly by those deeply interested in celebrities’ lives.

Lady Gaga

Dolph Lundgren

Julia Roberts


Neil Patrick Harris

Sarah Jessica Parker

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Hugh Grant

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Winona Ryder

Leonardo DiCaprio

Jennifer Lopez

Keanu Reeves


Al Pacino

Prince Harry

Brigitte Bardot

Justin Bieber

Kate Moss

Elton John

Kim Kardashian

Angelina Jolie

What do you think about this photographer and his works?
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