Jeremy Renner Shares Rare Photo Embracing Daughter Ava on Her 11th Birthday, Calling Her His ‘Number One’

🎉 Join Jeremy Renner in a heartwarming celebration as he shares a precious moment with his daughter Ava on her 11th birthday! 💕 Don’t miss out on this touching father-daughter bond! ✨

On Thursday, the Marvel actor, 53, posted a video on his Instagram for his daughter Ava’s 11th birthday. In the video, Ava hugs her dad while he gives her a kiss on her forehead.

Renner wrote in his caption, “As she gets older, our love for her grows. Happy 11th Birthday to my number one ❤️‍🔥🎁❤️🎁 #luckyman🍀.”


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The Hurt Locker actor became a dad to Ava with his ex Sonni Pacheco in March 2013 when he was 42. Renner has said in interviews that being a dad later in life is the best thing he’s ever done.

He said, “The only thing I think about when I’m not with my baby is, ‘How do I get to my baby?’ I’m very unhappy when I’m not with her. I really love being a father.”

After a dangerous snowmobile accident in 2023, Renner thanked his daughter for her help in recovering in an Instagram post in January on the anniversary of the accident.


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He described his daughter as the main reason for his recovery and shared how lucky he was to have Ava’s support.

“When I first saw her on January 14, I asked her to ‘wait for me,'” Renner said. “As I got better, she got better and less scared. There’s no better reason to get better than to help your family and friends heal.”

“Thank you all for your love and support this past year,” he added. “I needed every bit of goodwill and prayers 🙏🏼.”

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