“Latest News”: Leonardo DiCaprio Was Spotted in a Nightclub With an Actress 25 Years Younger Than Him!

When the actor and the girl walked out of the club and into the car together, many saw them. After splitting with model Camilla Morrone, Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio appears to be cautiously hunting for a new relationship.

The famous person was photographed by the paparazzi with a young starlet. Leo was on vacation with Victoria Lamas, age 23, and they were both in a nightclub. When the pair exited the building together and got into the car, the paparazzi managed to catch a picture of them.

After sharing images of themselves online, a source asked Page Six if Leo and Victoria were indeed dating.

He claims that the actors are just invisible in the picture since they are among others and did not truly meet or get into the car alone.

Additionally, Leonardo DiCaprio is said to have had a relationship with model Gigi Hadid, who is 21 years his junior. The couple had previously been spotted dining together in a classy establishment.

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