Mark Wahlberg’s Reflection on His Future in Hollywood and Beyond

In a recent video interview with Cigar Aficionado’s Marvin R. Shaken, the actor shared that he might not act as much in the future.

He said acting is really tough and that he’s working harder than ever. He mentioned that sometimes you build businesses and then move on or step back.

He has four kids with his wife Rhea Durham, and he’s curious about what they’ll want to do in the future.

They moved from California to Nevada in 2022, and he spends a lot of time at home now. This year, he hasn’t been in any movies as an actor, but he’s been busy producing films and shows. Mark Wahlberg has been in some great movies and TV shows like Ballers, Entourage, Boardwalk Empire, Deepwater Horizon, and Instant Family.

He started producing because he didn’t want to wait for big-name actors to pass on movies. He wanted to be in control.

Now, he wants to be more involved in the production side of things. He has his own production companies, and he’s involved in other businesses like fitness, tequila, and even a car dealership. He’s always been an entrepreneur and has launched his sport utility gear brand, MUNICIPAL, recently. He also thinks about his age and knows he’s not young anymore.

So, Mark Wahlberg is thinking about his future in the entertainment industry and beyond.

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