“More Handsome After The Divorce!” Paparazzi Caught Brad Pitt In A Stylish Outfit

When Brad Pitt exited the hotel in New York, he was captured by the paparazzi. For the exit, the 58-year-old actor wore a chic dress.

The ex-husband of Angelina Jolie enjoys dressing older than she is. Brad genuinely embraces aging, and abstains from fillers, yet favors casual attire over business suits.

The Faster Than a Bullet actor departed the hotel dressed in athletic attire. Brad was dressed in a gray hoodie with a checkered pattern and matching leggings. He picked a white slip-on with flat soles from the shoe selection. A long-strapped brown leather bag draped from the actor’s shoulder.

Pitt didn’t have time to style himself, as seen by the hood covering his head. He added a pair of big brown sunglasses to finish off his ensemble. As soon as Brad exited the hotel, the photographers rushed him and he cheerfully greeted them.

Fans of the star responded to his stunning appearance. Fans praised Brad for his “great clothing,” “looks trendy,” “looks younger every day,” “it seems he still plays Benjamin Button,” “rejuvenated after his divorce from Jolie!” and “the most stylish and gorgeous man in Hollywood.”

The actor debuted “In Babylon,” a movie in which he portrayed one of the lead parts, in New York. Brad’s co-star Margot Robbie stood by him at the event.

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