“One Is Without Love And The Other Is Happy.” Difference Between Two Princesses

The public was surprised by the revelations made by Prince Harry’s mother and wife regarding royal life. The scenario facing 41-year-old Meghan Markle is fundamentally different from what her late mother-in-law went through, according to a close friend of Princess Diana.

In 2020, the Dukes of Sussex will no longer be royals. A year later, the pair appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s show and delivered a stunning interview.
Many people have drawn comparisons between Meghan’s astonishing remarks and Lady Di’s account of royal life in 1995. The identical issues—loneliness, exhaustion, and suicidal thoughts—were stated by both royals. Princess Diana collaborated extensively with Andrew Morton, the first wife of King Charles III’s biographer, during her exile from the royal family. The specialist compared this circumstance to Megzit. The author said that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were in different positions.

“Diana was stuck in a loveless marriage, but Harry and Meghan appear to be very happy together. This is the main distinction between the two couples. The difference is significant,” Morton added.
The expert went on to say that Diana was attempting to make things better and that six months after the wedding, Prince Harry and his wife revealed there were issues. “Secondly, Diana waited ten years before defying me and lending a hand with the book. Not even 10 months were spent. Six months after the wedding, in November 2018, Harry met with Oprah to talk about making the disclosures public. They appeared to be hurrying out the door. Prince Harry has made it known that he finds it oppressive and challenging to live in the royal realm. I believe he saw the solution in Megan,” said Andrew.
According to a close friend of Lady Di, Harry and Meghan’s admissions stunned him. The specialist stressed how they were significantly unlike the interview with Princess Diana, which was more heartfelt and had a more significant purpose.

“We must keep in mind that, because of their position, Diana and Charles are more significant figures for the monarchy and the country than Meghan and Harry ever will be. They are already the future king and queen at that point. You should take seriously any claims made by a future queen that a future king is unqualified for the position. Given the current state of affairs over reparations for the slave trade and other issues, Harry’s claims of racism struck a chord. However, we are discussing the context, and that was not the case here,” Morton noted.
The author is certain that the couples misread the circumstances. “They used popularity to win the job. Never will Harry reign as king. It loses significance for the monarchy yearly. “VanityFair quotes a source,” Prince Andrew, who was previously second in line for the throne.

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