Phenomenal similarity: what does Angelina Jolie’s brother look like?

It was impossible for Angelina Jolie’s brother to surpass his sister in fame. James Haven Voight, who is two years older than Angelina and similarly attempted to take over Hollywood, was ultimately defeated by the spirit and resolve of Jolie.

James and Angelina have been pals since their early years. James became Angelina’s father because their father abandoned the family too young. It would appear that nothing could sever the intimate bond between close friends.

But they fought during Jolie’s tumultuous split from Brad Pitt. Jolie vehemently opposed when James abruptly said that the father should visit his kids.

But they frequently gathered together in the 1990s at secular events. Nobody could dispute how similar they are in appearance. Their similar chins, sparkling eyes, and “cat” looks set them apart from one another.

The brother and sister were so close that they were able to share a kiss in front of others. The controversy was “load” enough to make it all the way to the Antarctic!

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