“Smart man with a huge heart”: Who is Brad Pitt’s brother and what he does?

The man avoids being in the spotlight

Not everyone knows that this talented, charismatic and outstanding Hollywood actor had a brother. His name is Douglas and he leads a close lifestyle. The man doesn’t like being in the center of attention and avoids public appearances.

Brad Pitt is, without doubt, one of the most famous, most profitable and sought-after actors whose life is always in the spotlight. Millions of women fall in love with his character, without even knowing that he has a brother.

And here is Douglas. Unlike his fashionable brother, he got interested in Computer Science and started his own business. Already at the age of 24 he was a successful IT experst.

Apart from this, the man is actively engaged in charity and is now a Goodwill Ambassador. The frequently donates huge amounts to colleges, universities and hospitals.

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