Spot the rabbit hidden on the shore in 6 seconds!

Only the sharpest eyes can spot it.

Visual phenomena known as optical illusions are both difficult and exciting. These illusions typically consist of perplexing depictions of distinct things and/or animals in paintings or photographs.

They are visual phenomena where our brain senses a different world than what is actually there.

They have the power to deceive us into believing that some objects are not actually present or to cause our eyes to see false reality.

Finding what is actually absent or simply concealed in plain sight is the aim of optical illusion challenges. We also have a fun, interesting, and difficult optical illusion for you today.

Are you ready to have your mind boggled? Let’s start.

Spot the rabbit.

Take a good look at the image below:

A tortoise is visible on the coast in the photograph above. The tortoise is searching for a rabbit that has hidden itself on the strand someplace. In a race between the turtle and the rabbit, the tortoise somehow managed to win. The rabbit is hiding because it feels embarrassed. Your time has begun. All the best!

The rabbit will only be seen for 6 seconds to those with the clearest sight. Will you? We will eventually locate OTU.

Have you found the rabbit yet? You must move quickly. Time will soon be up for you.

If you carefully study the image, you’ll be able to identify the rabbit in time. Did you spot the hidden animal yet?

By now, some of you may have discovered the hidden rabbit, while others may not have.

To find the answer to this riddle on an optical illusion, scroll down.

Optical Illusion Solution.

The rabbit hiding on the coast had to be found. This is it:

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