“Stretched Sweatpants And A Faded Bathrobe!” You’ve Never Seen Carrie Bradshaw Like This

Both haters and admirers of Carrie agreed on one thing: she knew a lot about fashion and dressed great.

Carrie Bradshaw has emerged as one of the most contentious television characters throughout the years that the Sex and the City series has been on the air. Many young women had the same aspirations: they wanted to date attractive men, purchase designer clothing, and spend their nights at upscale restaurants. Others, on the other hand, merely did what they chastised the frivolous Manhattan resident for. She will either have a tantrum with a different partner, forget about her pals because of the date, or spend her last few dollars on shoes.

But one thing that Carrie’s detractors and supporters could agree on was that she had a keen sense of style and always looked terrific.
The series’ creators owe costume designer Patricia Field a debt of gratitude for making Bradshaw a fashion icon following the airing of the first episodes. She was able to capture Sarah Jessica Parker’s vivacious attitude and ensure that it came through as much as possible in her role.
Carrie Bradshaw appeared to wear skirts and heels everywhere she went, including a coffee shop where she stopped for a croissant and a stroll with the dog.

It seemed that there was never a moment when she would look mediocre in the picture. Because of this, “Sex and the City” fans were impatiently waiting for the news that the series will be continued (17 years after the publication of the final episode). They anticipated the same exciting story turns, witty quips, and, of course, stunning pictures, but were largely let down.
The main character began to appear carefree, then entirely forgot that she had formerly prayed for beautiful magazines, and in the dressing room of Vogue, she nearly passed out with joy. First, the main character forgot about luxury goods and shifted to the mass market.

However, despite the poor ratings, a second season of the show “And Just So” was selected. Although his filming is already in progress in New York, the images from the set do not yet exude confidence. The final picture of Carrie, in which she was seen walking with Miranda, really delighted online users.

She donned a cardigan, gray sweatpants, slippers, and either a coat or a dressing robe. She added high stockings and a pink hat to this already doubtful bow as “seasoning.” It’s important to remember that Carrie has worn sweatpants before, but she at least wore them with shoes.
Already, the producers are receiving requests from fans to bring Patricia Field back to the project. They also believe that a storyline twist will be able to support the portrayal of Bradshaw.

What if she and Aidan reconcile once more? After all, he has always favored a balanced lifestyle and has always loved Carrie for who she is, not for what she wears.

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