“The Oncologist Made Me Happy!”: Jane Fonda Admitted That She Had Overcome Cancer!

Jane Fonda will be 85 the next week. The famous person has additional reason to celebrate at this point since her cancer is in remission.

Her cancer was identified two months ago. Jane had Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, which led to her diagnosis. She started treatment right away and had chemotherapy.

“Last week, my physician told me I could stop receiving chemo since the disease was in remission. The ideal birthday gift!” Fonda said emotionally.

She stressed that while the first four rounds of chemotherapy were simple, the final round had a significant impact on her physical well-being and was challenging for her in every way. She had to exert a great deal of effort.

“I feel very fortunate and joyful. All of you who prayed for me and offered me well wishes are on my mind all the time.” Fonda concluded.

Jane said that her form of oncology is “lucky”, given that patients frequently have an 80 percent recovery rate. The activist was sure she would be included in this group of lucky individuals.

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