“The Truth Unveiled”: William and Kate Affair Rumors Confirmed

👑 Royal bombshell alert! Brace yourself as the truth unfolds: William and Kate affair rumors finally confirmed! Get ready to dive deep into the scandal that’s rocking the monarchy 😱😱 Don’t miss out on the juiciest gossip of the year! 👇👇👇

William and Kate are seen as a perfect couple. They met in university and went through some tough times before getting married and starting a family. People are waiting to see when William will become king, as his father, King Charles, is getting older.

William and Kate met while studying at St Andrews University. They became friends and eventually fell in love. They graduated in 2005.

Their relationship faced challenges. William’s friends weren’t always nice to Kate because of her family background. Some people even made fun of her. But Kate stayed strong and didn’t let it bother her.

In 2007, William and Kate broke up briefly. But they got back together after talking with their family. They got married in 2011 and now have three children.

Some rumors spread in 2019 that William had an affair with one of Kate’s friends named Rose Hanbury. But there’s no proof, and both sides denied it. Rose is a friend of Kate’s from a long time ago. She’s married and has children too.

The rumors upset everyone involved, but there’s no evidence they’re true. Recently, Kate and Rose were seen together at a music festival, which suggests they’re still friends.

Overall, the rumors about William and Rose’s affair seem to be false. Hopefully, both couples and their children will continue to have happy times together.

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