“They Look Great Together”: 62-Year-Old Hugh Grant Was Filmed Walking With His Wife Who Is 22 Years Younger!

They appeared happy and content

Hugh Grant, a British actor best known for his work in romantic comedies, has dated a number of the most well-known and seductive actresses, including Elizabeth Hurley.

But in 2018, when he was 57, and 35 years old, he got married to a Swedish TV producer named Anna Eberstein.

Since Eberstein did not have the conventional model-like look sometimes associated with Hollywood romances, many people questioned what attracted Grant to her.

Perhaps it was her unfailing patience and dedication to Grant, who she dated for six years before he proposed and to whom she gave birth to three of his children.

Grant and Eberstein eventually reconciled after a brief separation following the birth of their first child, and they haven’t been apart since. Grant recently gave an honest interview to Virgin Radio where he discussed how becoming a father and getting married had altered his outlook on life.

“Well, I was wrong, I was just wrong,” he said. The sweetest thing that has ever occurred to me was marriage. It may seem cliche, but it’s true. Having so much love in the world is fantastic. All of a sudden, you find yourself loving someone more than yourself, and that is wonderful.

Grant has a newfound appreciation for marriage, but he still keeps his personal life very quiet and only sometimes posts pictures of Eberstein online.

They have, nonetheless, occasionally been seen together, most recently on a stroll around the streets of New York City, where, despite their age gap, they seemed satisfied and cheerful.

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