Which of these women is a liar? Few people get the right answer

Check if you can read the non-verbal speech?

Interpersonal communication is not only the words we utter, which are already subject to different types of interpretation. What we think and who we are – all this is also connected with the attitude of the body and even the smallest gestures. Reading this type of signal correctly makes life a lot easier, but it just needs to be learned.

Non-verbal speech can sometimes tell more than a thousand words. A person says one thing, but their behavior or facial expression may indicate something completely different. Can you read such obscure messages? This can be checked very easily. Just solve the puzzle.

In the picture we see the same woman, but in four different poses. The task is to determine, based on his gestures, when he is lying.

Which one is hiding something? Choose only one option: 1, 2, 3, or 4.

Woman #1

Her open palms indicate that she is a very open person herself, and most likely does not tolerate lies. Some people don’t trust people who gesticulate heavily during a conversation, but this usually happens completely unconsciously and does not mean anything in particular. She’s definitely not a liar.

Woman #2

The posture of her body indicates that she is too suspicious. A nervous tic based on holding her ear may indicate that she wants to deceive you, or at least tries not to tell the whole truth. She can, but it is not at all necessary that she is hiding something from you.

Woman #3

All indications are that this is a perfect choice. She knows how to patiently listen and analyze every word you say. The chin support is the best proof of this. This is a sincere woman, she has no reason to lie.

Woman #4

Her body language indicates that she may be a liar. This is evidenced by an imperceptible, but significant signal. Experts have no doubt that covering your mouth is the first signal that something is being hidden from you. Of all the options, this one seems the most obvious.

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