Kylie Jenner Responded To The Balenciaga Scandal

The public has criticized Kylie Jenner. The American model, 25, is charged with attempting to deflect attention from the Balenciaga incident.

Kris Jenner’s youngest child, at last, unveiled a picture of her 9-month-old boy. Webster, who is already standing with confidence, appears in some adorable photos that Kylie has shared.
The majority of admirers loved the intimate photos. But some thought Jenner’s activities were improper. Haters observed that the baby photo surfaced right after Kim Kardashian was the target of a barrage of criticism related to the Balenciaga issue.

Kris Jenner allegedly said, “Great distraction, Kylie,” “We are tired of you being silent all the time,” and “Showed her son to cover for her sister” in order to get people to forget about the incident involving Kim. At least say something like, “Users are outraged.
Jenner Jr. came up with a response. The woman, a mother of two, expressed her displeasure at the assertions made in her message. “Why should I use my son to divert your attention? You folks are strange. You don’t like it when I don’t show my kids. Every time I share pictures of them, you always have something to gripe about. That is the reason I decided not to tell my family,” Kylie said.

Since the most recent ad campaign, Kim Kardashian’s favorite brand has been at the center of a heated debate. The image included kids wearing BDSM bandages while being surrounded by toys. Many people had unpleasant feelings about the picture session, including Kim. Her response to the incident was not well received by her fans.

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