Paris and Nicky Hilton Throw Glamorous Party for Mom Kathy’s 65th Birthday – Check Out the Pictures!

Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton threw a big party to celebrate their mom Kathy Hilton’s 65th birthday. The party had a fancy theme inspired by flowers and bows, and it took place at Kathy and Rick Hilton’s home in Bel Air, Los Angeles. Many famous people came to the party.

A family friend named Carol Bell helped Paris and Nicky plan the party. They had a special cake and beautiful flowers. They served delicious food like beef, potatoes, and macaroons. They also had fancy drinks like champagne and margaritas.

Some of the guests at the party were Kelly Day, Stacey Bendet, Lauren King, Crystal Minkoff, and many others. They had fun playing a game to win jewelry.

Before the party, Paris posted a nice message on Instagram for her mom’s birthday. She thanked her mom for being amazing and wished her lots of happiness.

Overall, it was a fun and special celebration for Kathy Hilton’s birthday.

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