“Summer Has Just Begun”: 44-Year-Old Kate Hudson Starred Topless By The Pool!

Her brother had an emotional reaction to the pictures

During a holiday at home, the well-known actress Kate Hudson made the bold decision to shoot some images.

She removed her top and covered her chest with a heart-shaped sticker while wearing a vibrant bikini. With a book in her hand and a hat with a broad brim, Kate stood by the pool.

Kate reacted jokingly to her brother Oliver Hudson’s emotional response to the images.

The photographs also included the actress’s kids. Kate and Oliver are well-recognized for their strong friendship; they even co-host a podcast.

Kate and guitarist Danny Fujikawa have a daughter together and are engaged.

Additionally, she has two boys from earlier marriages. Having first met years prior, Kate and Danny reconnected in 2016. In 2021, they got engaged.

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