20+ photos with pigs that are touching at first sight (photos)

Although many consider piggies to be dirty and ill-mannered animals, this is not at all the case! They are very sweet, kind and well-mannered, and besides, they can be wonderful pets. Take a look at this wonderful collection of pictures with pigs and see for yourself!


There you are

A week ago, this piglet fell out of a trailer on the way to a meat farm. Here he is now

How much comfort!

After 12 years in a tiny enclosure, this pig has finally found someone who loves her

Pig and chicken become best friends


My girlfriend’s first encounter with a mini pig

Pig’s happiness is so simple

New friend of our kitten

What a miracle

The couple thought they bought a mini-pig, but he grew into a huge pig

A new member of our farming family

Sheer cuteness

Before and after

What a tiny

Cute eared

Photo session in tulips

That’s who meets me at home after work

Little cuties

Who doesn’t love tummy rubs?

Cats and pigs seem to get along very well

Piglet also smiled for the photo

Great place to relax

Sleep with your favorite toy

And this is Hamlet – my favorite pet

And this pig loves to draw

Ride on a friend

How wonderful they are!

The cutest animals in the world

Videos from internet

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