A dressed-up shelter dog waits for his new family to arrive, but they never come

Hendrix spent almost a year at the Kentucky Humane Society. He was eager to meet his forever family after all that time finally. 

He should have met his probable future owners at Sam Swope Pet Treatment and Lifesaving Venter, where he was so eager to go. They had previously completed the application, which was the penultimate stage of the adoption procedure, but they never showed up. 

Soon, Hendrix understood that they weren’t the ones he hoped to see. 

They didn’t even call them, according to the media manager. “Hendrix was all dressed up in his harness and beaming widely as he awaited their arrival, but they never showed up,” she added. “It left us heartbroken.”

Last year, Hendrix was sent there from an overcrowded shelter. The four-year-old puppy quickly won everyone’s favor. He is hilarious and so happy. 

He often snorts and makes everyone laugh because he has a very short nose. 

He enjoys playing outside and getting lots of attention. 

He enjoys being around people, particularly kids. He is so excited that he jumps all over the place. 

He is seeking someone who will provide him with the love and care he deserves. He needs to be well-cared for by the owner, who must act responsibly. There should be no cats in the home. 

It was painful to see him being stood up in that manner. This wonderful creature didn’t deserve any of the love it offered the world; it only gave love.

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