A man and a polar bear are so attached to each other that they have already been inseparable for 18 years (video)

We all have shared relationships with cats or dogs as pets.

But when it comes to the polar bear, it might not seem so commonplace when he makes a man his friend at first.

These creatures, however, cannot be kept as pets at home or in the yard.

Given everything, it is highly remarkable and special that this bear, Agee, and Mark Dumas have a tight relationship.

Such encounters between wild animals and people are quite uncommon. Everything began 18 years ago.

The task of finding a polar bear for a movie fell to this man, an animal trainer.

He had heard that a 7-week-old polar bear was still being nurtured by hand at the zoo at the time.

The key aspect is that his mother could no longer care for this cub because she had already given birth to 11 children before him.

Agee answered. Dumas chose to raise the child, effectively preparing him for the movie.

Despite everything, nobody could have predicted that these two would develop such a strong friendship.

He is said to be the only human who interacts with bears in this way.

Surely nothing will ever be able to replace their amazing love.

Even his wife claimed that the bear adores him to the point where he occasionally becomes envious if someone diverts Dumas’ attention from him.

The bear, however, is unperturbed by her since he has become accustomed to her voice.

Dumas is Agee’s protector and dearest friend to this day, of course. They both look out for one another quite well.

Agee’s support of the pair, whom he views as his mother and father, never made them feel threatened.

Even while some people might wonder why polar bears don’t exist in the wild, one thing is for certain: Dumas and Agee share a remarkable bond.

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