A soldier falls in love with a puppy in Iraq. 1-Month later dog goes bonkers when they reunite (video)

You don’t leave a friend behind.

While serving overseas, former Army Specialist Ken Wyrsch fell in love with a stray puppy named Ollie. In fact, he cared so much about Ollie that he even made arrangements to have the dog airlifted to California when his tour of duty in Iraq was done. Who was happiest when they got back together?

Living abroad and in a war-torn nation is frightening and lonely. One soldier’s days were made more bearable by his new best friend. Up until the soldier had to abandon his closest friend one day, which devastated his heart.

Near the military camp in Iraq, Ken Wyrsch came upon a stray dog. Ken received the consolation he so sorely needed from the dog, whom he called Ollie, right away. When Ollie met the other soldiers on post, they also fell in love with him. He was such a fantastic addition to the diligent team. When the soldiers left on missions, Ollie would remain on base and dread their return. The troops were reminded that there is a world and an existence outside the void they were living in when they returned “home” to his wagging tail and hairy cuddles.

Ken then received some distressing news. There was a closure of the army base. Although it was a comfort he would be transferred back to California, Ollie would once again be living on the streets as a result of the base’s shutdown. Ollie couldn’t just get on an aircraft and fly home with Ken because of tight customs regulations.

Ollie would be left on his own in a setting that didn’t give a damn about his sweetness, devotion, or loyalty. In fact, the way he was acting would probably kill him. Ken reached out to SPCA International to see what they could do as a result.

After several kind donations, Ken and Ollie were reunited one month later. I had to watch their reunion two times because it is so touching!

The greatest way to put it was by Ken: “You don’t leave a friend behind.” And that’s accurate! Watch the video below to learn more about their reunion and tale!


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