A stunning image of a white lion showing off his magnificent mane (video)

A video of a white lion flaunting his magnificent mane went viral on the internet. 

In South Africa, he lives at the Glen Garriff Conservation lion sanctuary. A 6-year-old cat likes to pose for photographs. 

Simon Needham took incredible photographs in order to raise awareness of the grave threat that wild lions face. 

He was astounded by Moya’s coat when he first saw it. He took the images as soon as the lion was close enough. He didn’t fully appreciate the photographs’ beauty until after the photo shoot. 

The problem has received much more attention as a result of Simon’s work. The issues of his kind were brought to light by Moya and his magnificent mane. Simon is thrilled to have the opportunity to assist Moya and the other 76 lions under the sanctuary’s care. 

There are just 40,000 wild African lions surviving, according to the IUCN Red List. According to some sources, there are barely 20,000 lions left in existence. 


Thank goodness, there are groups out there to aid these unfortunate creatures and provide them with the care and protection they need.


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