After the video of a crying pit bull went viral, the sweet boy found the most perfect family for him (video)

All of our admiration and affection are due to this very kind hero.

One of the shelter’s patrons, Sarah Slimen, recorded a pit bull at the shelter whimpering and posted the video to her Facebook page a few years back.

Since Sarah Slime has always loved animals and wants to help as many pups as she can, she enjoys visiting shelter canines frequently. She sensed that there was something about this canine that instantly melted her heart.

Cinnamon, whose previous family abandoned him and left him in a shelter, has been residing there for seven years.

Sarah knew at away what she had to do to assist the kind youngster.

Given that his initial video had a sizable number of views, she made the decision to once more use social media to film a new video featuring Cinnamon.

This time, the video spread quickly online, giving Cinnamon the opportunity to meet her loving new family.

This adorable puppy had dreamed of that day his entire life.

He is now constantly smiling and excitedly waving his tail.

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