Dog was really frightened of everything, but after just one night in his new home, it looked as though a miracle had happened…

Absolutely everything that he saw made him nervous.

Naturally, there was a rationale for all of it, as nothing happens without a rhyme or reason.

The problem is that he was mistreated by his prior owners when he was a puppy.

After all that, he lacked confidence in others and would hide beneath the table if someone approached him.

Mason, Mindy’s son, and they were looking for a dog to adopt at the same time, but they had never found what they considered to be “the right one.”

Mason recognized Hedgie as the one, though, as soon as he saw him. As a result, they returned home on the same day.

Naturally, the first day with his new owners was difficult since he was still the same sad and fearful dog that avoided people.

Hedgie was going to sleep in Mason’s bedroom that day, as Mason had told everyone, and that is exactly what happened.

They both spent the entire night there. Everyone thought it was a different dog when they woke up in the morning.

The dog that had arrived the day before was nothing like Hedgie.

An unexplainable relationship seems to have developed between them. The dog never again leaves Mason’s side after that day.

If Mason is preoccupied, Hedgie sits calmly on his bed until he is finished. Hedgie receives excellent treatment from Mason.

Hedgie could not eat or move normally, thus one day they noticed there was a problem with the dog.

Veterinarians would frequently advise euthanizing pets in these situations, but Hedgie couldn’t be one of them.

Despite having been given a diagnosis of megaesophagus, Hedgie’s finest days surely lay ahead of him thanks to Mason’s unwavering devotion to Hedgie and his demands.

Though it wasn’t always simple, they were able to teach Hedgie the proper feeding technique so he wouldn’t go hungry anymore.

Fortunately, they were able to go through it all together, and now he is still living the finest life possible with the best family.

Never forget that love always triumphs above all obstacles!

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