Even having so many difficulties does not stop this dog from having the title of the happiest dog

He had a large bite, a crooked nose, and missing portions of his brain.

Everyone refers to him as the “happiest dog in the world” when they see him since he is a nice doggy who constantly has a smile on his face.

Moose, who is just three years old, was born with a number of issues that weren’t discovered until he was seven months old.

Because they wish to avoid more problems, owners are occasionally forced to give up their dogs.

Moose, however, is quite fortunate in that sense because he has the most loving owner.

Not only did she not forsake her puppy, but she actually found his appearance to be more charming.

Jennifer Osbourne likes her dog so much that she frequently posts gorgeous pictures of him on social media.

At the pet shop, his mother first encountered Moose. It happened in 2016.

Even though she had always supported adoption, she chose to take Moose with her that same day since she was unable to part with him.

According to veterinarians, the beautiful boy’s health situation is under control and won’t have an impact on his quality of life.

He brightens every day of Jennifer’s life with his amazing grin, and she is so grateful that she met him at the store.

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