Every day, cats with unique relationships wait outside the shelter window for their chance to be adopted

Ripley and Xeno are unbreakable. Together, they eat, play, and sleep. Even their 8 kittens are raised by them jointly.

Their tails are connected as they walk around.

When they were younger than a year old, they came to Explits Valley SPCA. Animals weighing 4 pounds were saved and brought to the shelter.

They were relocated into a particular room where they could comfortably co-parent.

They assisted one another in caring for the large family. Both mothers may be breastfeeding their eight children at once.

They sit together and ponder the window in their leisure time. They want to be loved and cared for by others and to be adopted into the same family.

Some of the kittens piqued people’s curiosity, but not the moms.

The shelter aspires to provide them with loving homes where they will receive all the attention they need.

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