Every day the faithful dog goes to meet his brother from school, stretching his hind legs to hug him

Every day when this young kid gets home from school, more than just his mother is there to greet him.

The dog, another one of his devoted friends, is likewise waiting for his owner with patience.

The dog observes from their garden every day as his sibling exits the school bus and approaches to hug him.

He also walks quietly in his direction at that time.

The loveliest part of the dog’s behavior then probably follows.

To give his sibling a hug, he begins to stand on his hind legs. Of course, doing things that way is more practical.

What a thoughtful act! They gave each other such loving embraces.

This is their customary way of addressing one another on a daily basis.

After such a long day apart, they are overjoyed and thrilled to be back together. Judging from their strong friendship, it is safe to infer that they spend every spare time together.

How little happiness a human actually requires.

All we really need is a good, devoted friend who will go above and beyond to make us happy.

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