Experts reveal the pros and cons of co-sleeping with animals

Many owners sleep with their beloved pets without thinking about whether this is good or bad.

One way or another, the owners of animals are divided into two types: those who sleep in the same bed with their pets, and those who do not allow their pets to go to bed with them. The chief veterinarian of the North American Veterinary Society, Dana Varble, called CNN the disadvantages and advantages of co-sleeping with pets.

As for pets, it is useful for them to sleep with a person. If a cat or dog sleeps with you, then the pet definitely trusts you. Co-sleeping creates strong bonds between pet and owner. According to the expert, this has a positive effect on the health and psyche of animals. There are no significant disadvantages here, except that the owner can accidentally press down on the pet’s paw.

But it’s more difficult for people. On the one hand, sleeping with animals is not very comfortable. Cats and dogs often wake up at night, as their sleep is inconsistent. They trample on the bed over the person, interfering with deep sleep. Micro-awakenings can lead to stress, which leads to poor sleep. But on the other hand, sleeping with animals saves a person from depression and anxiety. According to research, people who sleep with pets have more good dreams.

Tell me, do you sleep with your pets?

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