He sees this dog standing alone at a gas station and believes it is lost, but the dog’s collar tag says otherwise

The dog is happy to live on the farm because he enjoys playing with his owners and siblins.

He assumed the dog was gone when he saw it by itself at a petrol station. The collar tag states that the dog simply enjoys hanging out.

The dog’s owners created a page for him after the post with his images went viral and gained 307 thousand of likes. When Tyler arrived at the petrol station, he noticed a dog. Reading the phrases on the dog’s medallion, the guy concluded that it was in good health. The dog was first thought to be lost by the man.

Hello, my name is Dew. I am not lost, no. I enjoy going on adventures.

Please tell me to leave this location. The image of the dog and this information were tweeted.

Both of them gained notoriety online as a result of the tweet’s success. He walked up to me while I was putting gas in the car. Simply said, the dog likes to go on adventures. The dog’s owners even created a Facebook account for him so that he could update everyone on his exploits.

The dog likes playing with his owners and siblings, therefore he is happy to live on the farm. The family keeps an eye on the dog’s health, and a clever inscription and a GPS sensor on its collar follow its location.

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