He was told he had 5 years to live so he decided to adopt a dog, after which his life changed forever (video)

All dogs should have their own perfect homes in which they will always be cherished and provided for.

Unfortunately, we come across a number of stray dogs on the street every day, and they always have such sad eyes that seem to be pleading for help.

They hold onto the hope that one day they too will be spared.

Since they are homeless, they struggle to survive every day and must overcome various obstacles.

Fortunately, there are a lot of individuals who, when they see them, can’t help but want to assist.

Today, thanks to Mutual Rescue, we have a fantastic tale for you.

You may watch a fantastic movie on Eric and Petey’s tale below.

Eric was given five years to live, but when he visited a shelter to adopt Petey, a miracle dog, everything changed.

“Eric, who weighed 345 pounds, had type II diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol.

He was given a diagnosis and was informed by the physician that he had 5 years to live. When he first met Petey, everything was different.”

Watch the movie below that tells this fantastic tale.

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