I learned why the prickly and sharp side on the grater. Not for cleaning fish

Did you know about it?

I think that almost every house has a grater. Perhaps this kitchen appliance is already a little outdated, but without it, it is impossible to cook many dishes. In addition, with the help of a grater, you can quickly and easily chop vegetables and fruits, simplifying the cooking procedure.

However, I always wondered: why do we need the most prickly and fine side of the grater?

At first, I thought it was for chopping garlic. However, in the end, the cloves turn into porridge and get stuck tightly in prickly small holes. Then it is very difficult to wash.

After a friend told me that this side is necessary in order to clean the fish. After a couple of experiments, I realized that this is also the wrong option. With a knife, fish is much easier to clean than with this side of the grater.

So what is the prickly and fine side of the grater for?

My old aunt was able to give the correct answer to this question. Perhaps I would have known earlier why this side of the grater is needed, but my mother and grandmother have long been gone from me.

It turned out that Soviet women used this side to grate fruits and vegetables, and then squeezed the juice out of them. Or in this way, they prepared mashed fruits or vegetables for small children.

For Soviet housewives, this side of the grater was very important, since it was impossible to buy a juicer then, and they did not sell baby food. Therefore, our mothers and grandmothers prepared mashed potatoes themselves.

On the prickly and shallow side, they grated: carrots, apples, pears, beets, and many other vegetables and fruits. So they could feed us healthy and tasty food.

Today, this side of the grater has become irrelevant, since there are blenders that grind everything much faster and easier.

However, this side of the grater may still be needed for grinding: nuts, cinnamon, croutons, zest.

The easiest way to clean the prickly and fine side of the grater is with a toothbrush.

This is how you live and learn all your life.

Perhaps you use this side of the grater for something else?

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