Noticing the sad abandoned dog the woman couldn’t stay indifferent and approached to help…

Adriana once got really depressed after seeing a brown dog by the side of the road on her way home from the gym.

She made the decision to approach him right away, and as she got closer, she noticed that the dog appeared to be staring someplace, as though he were waiting for something.

Adriana remarked, “It’s like somebody left him there and he was waiting for his owners to come back.”

Unfortunately, she frequently notices abandoned dogs in her area because it’s fairly typical for abandoned animals to be left alone in South Miami.

She chose to join the rescue effort two years ago for this reason.

She also mentioned that she usually has food in her car and just added a box to it since situations like this occur frequently.

The dog, named Melo, was first quite terrified and wary, but after being saved for a few days, he gradually began to regain his vigor and begin to trust people once more.

He only began to shine after a very little period of time. Adriana made an effort to place the dog with a long-term family after noticing that it was already doing well.

Thankfully, it did not last very long. One family fell in love with Melo the moment they laid eyes on her, and they contacted her for adoption right away.

The adorable puppy is currently taking advantage of all the luxuries his new, loving family has to offer, secure in the knowledge that they will always be there for him.

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