Noticing the sad and scared dog, they just couldn’t pass by him indifferently and came to help…

Kind people decided to approach the fearful dog they had found abandoned in the nearby park.

It was a chilly day outside and the dog was alone. She even objected to being touched.

Out of worry for the dog, they made the decision to make a request for help from Speranza Animal Rescue, one of the well-known animal rescue groups.

The dog, however, quickly retreated to the jungle since it was afraid of people.

They hastily decided to publish information about the worried puppy on their Facebook sites in an effort to find her.

People started to worry after looking for two days, but the next morning they received a call saying that Carla, the missing dog, had been discovered lying under their balcony.

When they learned about it, they had already left. They were successful in capturing the dog despite their best attempts.

A 10-year-old, malnourished, and a dejected dog named Carla was taken to the vet, where it was discovered that she was missing her microchip.

Carla needed some time to recover because she had been away for a very long period. She struggled to maintain focus on him.

Carla moved to her new foster home a few days later so she could recover in a warmer setting.

They will look for a permanent home for her once she is completely recovered and prepared for adoption.

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