The kitten who had very little chances to survive, has finally got the chance to enjoy his life to the fullest

Thankfully, the cat already has MSN buddies and an amazing foster mum who support him in leading a full life.

The kitten, which had several wounds and bruises, was brought to the shelter when it was 10 weeks old.

Only his skin and bones remained since he was so weak and worn out. He required help right away, but he had a strong resolve to survive.

The kitten required a lot of love and care, which was challenging to live alone in the shelter.

After learning about the cat, volunteer animal caretaker Michel Fournier made the decision to assist the youngster and give him the opportunity to fight for his life.

Michelle was unable to sleep that night, so when dawn arrived, she hurried to the shelter to pick up the infant and bring him home.

As soon as she cuddled Indy when they first met, the cat curled up in her arms and seemed to sense that he was in very good hands.

Although Indy does have a variety of health issues, she is willing to assist the kitten in overcoming any obstacles.

So, as a result of her efforts, the kitten underwent a significant shift in a short period of time.

He began to put on weight and his wounds began to heal.

Despite not being able to walk on his rear legs, Indy doesn’t appear to mind at all because he is so enthusiastic and full of energy that he can climb anything.

There are other kittens in the home as well, and they welcomed their new visitor with open arms and made quick friends with one another.

Indy is adored by one of her cats by the name of Flash, who has adopted the role of big brother for the kitten.

He always stands by the kitten’s side, encouraging him no matter what. Now that Indy is everyone’s favorite, it is clear that he enjoys it much.

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