The mother cat, who was in need of care, finally found help for her and her kittens to enjoy life to the fullest

When the cat was able to save her babies, that is when she was happiest.

When she finally realized they were in good care, she exhaled with relief.

A cat in need of rescue was taken to a nearby shelter a couple of weeks before the new year.

The important thing is that when the cat was expecting, kind individuals saw her and asked for assistance.

She was given a long-term guardian and sent to a new house.

Her kittens were soon born, but despite their best attempts, one of the kittens did not survive.

The other cats were treated, but it turned out that Tallulah, the mother cat, required more assistance than the other animals.

Tallulah was so feeble that she was unable to carry out her motherly responsibilities.

While she received special treatment, a volunteer took care of the litter for her.

She did not maintain the cleanliness of the infants as she had in the first week and did not eat properly.

In the end, she had surgery and needed to be hospitalized because she had a serious stomach infection.

She provided 24-hour care for her kittens throughout that period, feeding them with bottles every two to three hours.

Tallulah was ultimately reunited with her children after the operation, who had genuinely missed their mother.

Although she was overjoyed to see her babies once more, volunteers continued to help her in every way to care for them.

They received hugs and kisses from Tallulah, who also gave each of them a daily thorough wash.

Tallulah assumed all the duties right away, and after a few days, her milk supply began to increase once more.

Tallulah smothered her priceless cubs with her love as she watched her kittens grow and flourish every minute.

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