The mother dog takes such great care of her babies, that her video with newborns immediately took the whole internet (video)

German shepherds are reputed to be incredibly compassionate and loving canines, and much like actual moms, they always take excellent care of their young.

These are undoubtedly one of the most attractive breeds, as you will surely agree.

A recent short film that was uploaded on social media quickly became popular for obvious reasons.

It represents the tenderness and affection that a dog bestows on her pups.

It’s tough to quit appreciating how warmly she took care of them.

They are only different from humans in one way: by having speech.

In the animal kingdom, this is not the case, despite the fact that people constantly transmit their knowledge in more complicated ways from generation to generation.

The German shepherd wasn’t trained on how to care for infants or be a good mother, yet she seemed to comprehend all that must be done.

You can notice how the mother keeps looking at her children while you watch the video.

Perhaps as a result of her intense affection for the puppies, she constantly checks to make sure they are secure and without a need.

Her eyes enlarge every time one of her tiny puppies begins to stir, and she closely watches the infants’ every move.

She understands how to keep children safe because she feels it is her responsibility to do so.

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