Titi is a dog, Snoop is a fox, and they are great friends

A wonderful friendship.

Sometimes the parallels between animals and human culture are more fascinating.

Snoop the dog and the fox serve as a living illustration of this bond. Her photographer owner, Titi lives in Norway and produces these incredible pictures.

Snoop and Titi act as if they have known each other their entire lives, therefore it is clear that they are oblivious that they are from different species.

The owner began criticizing the company and animal farms after noticing the friendship between Titi and Snoop. The owner claims on social media that there are many similarities between the attitudes and actions of dogs and foxes. By embarking on a combined trip into the owner’s nearby woods, Snoop (and Titi) make the most of the fact that they have a place to play.

The fox and dog don’t seem to mind that a camera is continually recording them. They hold their connections to one another in the highest regard.

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