70-year-old Richard Gere finally found his love and reveals the secrets of personal happiness (photos)

Money cannot buy love and family happiness. This is only proved by the numerous unsuccessful marriages of many Hollywood stars.

But looking at how 70-year-old Richard Gere smiles with his wife, 37-year-old Alejandra Silva, one can only conclude that all ages are really submissive to love.

There was nothing very mysterious about their acquaintance. According to Richard himself, they met through a mutual friend. And after one said “Hello”, it was as if the whole world had collapsed. Then they felt attracted to each other, immediately thinking that they would be together forever.

Alejandra recalled that she had a variety of love stories, as a rule, they all did not start as easy and simple as we would like. It seemed that trials should bring people together, but any connections always led to parting. And when she met Richard, everything was completely different.

The woman said that initially, she had doubts, but only Richard Gere himself did not doubt for a second. The couple got married in India, at the actor’s ranch, and the wedding took place according to all the canons and traditions of Buddhists. And, according to Alejandra, they love each other only more with each new day.

Since the wedding, the couple dreamed strongly about the birth of a common child. Then, in order to be close to his wife, Richard Gere had to refuse to shoot in several films. Then they even went for a blessing to the Dalai Lama. When the actor was 68 and Alejandra was 35 years old, they had a son.

The couple is sure that the main secret of happiness is just to make your soulmate really happy. Richard Gere constantly tells his wife how much she means to him, and Alejandra herself simply cannot remain silent in response. The actor is sure that it was the current wife that allowed him to feel true love!

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