A 10-year-old fat cat from the shelter was chosen by a boy who wanted to keep a pet!

Tiny the cat and his sister wound up in a shelter. The animals may be adopted separately because they were not bonded to one another. All of the “residents” of the shelter were photographed and given a brief bio on the site where the shelter was located. 

Tiny, a 10-year-old cat, has been impatiently awaiting its owner for a very long time. He stayed in the shelter because he was disappointed that young kittens and even adult cats could easily find homes for themselves. 

On the other side of town, a young child was persuading his mother to let him have a pet. Easton had a strong affinity for animals and wished to get a dog or a cat as a pet. Finally, with his mother’s OK, he entered the shelter’s website and started browsing the animal charts. 

Easton realized he had found his pet when he saw Tiny’s photo. He and his mother visited the shelter the following morning to meet the cat. 

Tiny revealed herself to be a lovely, amiable cat with a large, squishy belly. The child was “ordered” to go home by the ginger cat, who leaped into his arms. 

The youngster claimed, “Even my mum fell in love with a fat cat with large loyal eyes. 

The youngster and the cat are delighted to have met one another!

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