A firefighter found a dog stuck beneath the concrete and saved it. The firefighter afterward decided to adopt the animal

Today, we’d like to share with you a tale that happened in South Carolina. When the family heard weird noises that sounded like a puppy weeping, they were all riding bicycles. They halted the bicycles and started to investigate the source of the sounds. 

They discovered a little puppy trapped behind a layer of concrete and mud. The poor puppy couldn’t escape. The animal yelled and howled, pleading for assistance. The compassionate individuals who discovered the pet dialed 911. The North Charleston Fire Department and Police arrived on the scene. 

“The puppy was stuck under piles of concrete that were so massive and heavy that we were unable to even lift them,” North Charleston Fire Department Captain Paul Bryant told The Dodo. 

Squatting down, one of the officers could see the puppy’s prominent snout. There was undoubtedly the puppy. With the use of a pry bar, Captain Brian was able to force the concrete slabs back, but the dog was still unable to escape. 

To make room for the puppy, the captain started to dig with a shovel. The small puppy was set free ten minutes later. The tiny creature was unable to stop licking the rescuer’s hands after being set free. Rocky is the name Bryant gave the adorable puppy he fell in love with. 

Rocky’s discoverers made the decision to take him to the local veterinary clinic so that the microchip could be analyzed. Bryant was relieved to have been able to save the puppy, but he was disappointed to have to give Rocky away because he most likely had a family. 

The dog was discovered to be unmicrochipped, and there was little prospect of locating his family. Bryant felt it was his only chance when he learned about it. 

From the time he saved the puppy, Bryant felt a special bond with him. 

Bryant promised to take Rocky to the Charleston Animal Society as soon as he received a health certificate. 

Rocky has gotten used to his new house completely. The boisterous puppy never leaves his human father and enjoys playing with toys. 

Let’s wish this cutie luck!

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