A veterinarian saved a tiny hedgehog and it changed his whole life

Massimo Backetta, an Italian native, has desired to be a veterinarian since he was a little child. But just as much as domesticated pets, he yearned to deal with untamed, helpless creatures.

We’ll tell you the story of a man who, by saving a little hedgehog, transformed his attitude on life and achieved his goal.

Despite the fact that he chose his profession because he was passionate about it, love gradually withered and gave way to disenchantment over time. His pay was insufficient to meet his basic necessities despite the fact that he worked at several clinics. Ultimately, the disappointment gave way to despair.

Once a woman brought a little, dying hedgehog to the doctor.

Massimo felt bad. It was so little and helpless, just 25 grams in weight. Massimo promised to uphold his word and save the kid. As if it were his own life, he was attempting to protect it.

He took care of the hedgehog, fed her infant formula, and provided her with a variety of vitamins to help her body grow. Yes, she was a girl by the name of Ninna.

Massimo’s house was occupied by Ninna once she moved in. They went on walks and watched movies together. After getting used to hearing her name, Ninna began to respond. Little Ninna received tender attention when she stood up.

Massimo, however, came to the conclusion that it was best to let the animal enjoy its normal life. He took her and put her in an animal shelter. Ninna led Massimo to learn about his mission. He created a house for animals with thorny coats. There is safety and total freedom for wild animals to exist.

Massimo decided to build a wild animal first aid facility next to the animal sanctuary. For the first time in his life, he felt appreciated and useful.

Love and compassion are terribly lacking in this world despite how important they are.

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